Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions are primarily in regards to individual and small group tutoring services.

For more information about counselling and education support services please schedule a free consultation.

What are your hours of operation?

CESS is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday. Requests for later evening or weekend bookings can be made and will be arranged when available.

Where are you located

CESS is located at Suite 103 – 518 Lake St. Nelson, BC. We provide in-person and online services for tutoring, education support and counselling.

How do I book tutoring sessions?

To book individual tutoring sessions please contact CESS through the contact page, email or phone to set up a free consultation with Georgia and Jodi. After meeting with you we will help you chose the right tutor and schedule of sessions.

Individual tutoring sessions are booked for a minimum of one month at a time and can be booked for a full school year as needed.

Fees for individual tutoring services are paid one month at a time for the month prior to services being provided.

How are individual tutoring fees paid?

Individual tutoring fees are paid in advance of services. Invoices are sent on or before the 21st of each month with payment due by the last day of the month prior to services being provided.

Can I cancel individual tutoring sessions and receive a refund?

There are no refunds for scheduled tutoring sessions. Sessions are scheduled and paid in advance and are reserved for you or your student. CESS offers make-up sessions once a month on Saturdays that you can book online if you or your student have missed a tutoring session.

Can I book a single tutoring session?

We do not currently have single tutoring sessions avaiable for booking. All sessions must be booked for a minimum of one month at a time.

How do I book small group tutoring sessions?

Small group tutoring services are booked for a full semester at a time. Each group meets 16 times per semester for weekly 90 minute sessions.

Fees for small group tutoring are paid prior to the start of classes.

Fees for small group tutoring are non-refundable.

How are small group tutoring fees paid?

Small group tutoring fees are paid in advance for the full semester of 16 – 90 minute sessions. Fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester to hold a place in the group.

There are no refunds for small group tutoring fees unless a cancelation is made 2 weeks prior to the start of sessions. Within two weeks of the start date of the group sessions and throughout the semester refunds are not available as the seat has been reserved for you or your student.

What if I miss a small group tutoring session

If you or your student misses a small group tutoring session you will be provided with the materials that were missed and links to online resources to help learn the topics that were covered.

If you are unable to join the in-person session but are available to join online you can call in using google hangouts to take part in the session.

There are no available times to reschedule a missed group math session.

Can I create my own small group for tutoring?

Yes, we are happy to create group tutoring sessions for your group and to tailor the learning to the students needs.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss what you are looking for.

What subjects do your tutors cover?

Each of our tutors have specific subject areas they specialize in. Please visit the tutoring pages for specific courses each tutor works with.

In general our tutors can provide support for:

  • all subjects from Kindergarden to Grade 10 (excluding French or Spanish)
  • WPM 11 and Foundations of Math 11
  • All English and Humanities courses for grades 11 and 12
  • College and University English, Humanities, Social Services and Psychology courses
  • Support witih homework, time management, study skills and organization

CESS keeps a list of local tutors who provide tutoring in additional learning domains. We have contact information for specialists in:

  • Upper level maths
  • Upper level sciences
  • French
Do you have a drop-in homework help program?

We do not currently have a drop-in homework help program however we are expecting to have that available in January 2021.

We will advertise our new services as they become available and you can request we contact you directly when this service is available.

When is CESS open and closed throughout the school year?

CESS follows the School District 8 schedule with a few exceptions.

We are open:

  • September to June with regular scheduling
  • Summers for tutoring and learning intensives and reading programs
  • Pro-D days

We are closed:

  • SD 8 Winter break
  • SD 8 Spring break
  • Statutory holidays
  • Summer for regular tutoring sessions


What programs do you have in the summer?

Our summer programs include:

  • Summer reading programs
    • 3 weeks in duration
    • 30 hours total
  • Math intensives
    • Small group intensives with daily sessions
    • 3 weeks in duration
    • 22 hours total
  • Individual tutoring intensives
    • Daily support in completing online learning for summer school programs
    • 4 weeks in duration
    • 20 hours total

Contact CESS to learn more about our summer programs

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