Education Support

CESS offers Education Support Services for students, parents and caregivers to help them navigate the education system and adaptability services.

We provide support with:

  • Student advocacy skills
  • Parent/Caregiver consultation
  • Adaptation consultations and recommendations

Our Services


CESS provides advocacy coaching for adults and students to help develop the language and terminology needed to properly advocate in education and workplace settings.

In addition we are available to accompany you or your student to an IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting or other education support meetings when requested.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to learn about your students needs, process the emotions and be an effective advocate. Jodi and Georgia will take the time to help you work through the pieces, understand what your needs are and then provide you with resources to make this easier to navigate.


CESS offers consultation services to parents, students and caregivers who are trying to determine the best education pathway.

As we watch our children move through the education system we often see ways in which they would benefit from extra support. CESS can work with you to identify the services available within the local school system and community that will help your student thrive.

These are short term sessions designed to create a listening space for the adult to gain a personal understanding of their students needs and the resources that are available for them.


CESS offers parents and guardians support in designing home and classroom adaptations and the confidence to use them.

These are short term sessions meant to empower and inform the adults on ways they can assist the children in their care.

Classroom adaptations and student advocacy are often the first step in supporting your child with their learning needs. The right supports can help your student stay engaged in their education and to move forward in their learning while they gain necessary learning skills through tutoring.

“The conditions required to learn are different for everyone. At CESS we want to help you find your best conditions for learning so you can move out into the world confident in your own skills and abilities.”

Georgia Argyle & Jodi Bergman

Collaboration and Support

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