Below you will find information on how CESS is managing adaptations to help reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Improved ventilation – CESS has relocated to a new building that has had the complete HVAC systems replaced. The HVAC system ensures clean air is cycled through the building and that proper air flow is maintained.

Hand sanitizing – The entrance to the building has a hand sanitizing station immediately upon entry that students and visitors can use when they come in. In addition, CESS has set up a hand sanitizer area for anyone who may need it when they enter the room or throughout their visit. CESS requires all visitors to use the hand sanitizer before entering the offices or to bring their own and to use that before entry. CESS will ensure that all tutors and staff members have sanitized their hands prior to entry and between each student.

Masks and physical barriers – CESS has disposable masks on site for anyone who would like to wear them. You may request that your tutor wear a mask throughout the session. CESS has provided see-through barriers for each room so that the tutor and the student can work safely together as required.

Early dismissal – Students will leave their sessions 5 minutes early to allow the tutor to sanitize the room after the session. We will maintain 55 minute sessions throughout the Covid -19 pandemic rather than the full 60 minute sessions.

Room sanitizing – CESS tutors will use the last five minutes of each session to sanitize all surfaces, light switches and handles as well as their own hands. In addition, CESS admin staff will clean the surfaces and handles in the general areas 4 times throughout the day. Each cleaning will be documented for reference.

Supplies sanitizing– CESS requests that students bring their own school supplies to the office throughout the pandemic. This includes pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, paper, calculators and any other supplies they will need for the session. If a student does not bring their supplies CESS will provide sanitized supplies for the student to use and we will sanitize them after the session as well.

Social Distancing – CESS is putting in guidelines to help everyone maintain social distancing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We will have students leave five minutes early and ask that the next student arrive very close to the time their session begins to keep the waiting area open. If the waiting area is full, students may wait in the hallway spaced 2 metres apart and the tutor will come collect them. Whenever possible we will maintain a 2 metre distance between people at the office. Within the tutoring rooms we have physical barriers between the tutor and the student to adapt to when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Online learning option – CESS can provide online tutoring sessions for students who need to be isolated for their own or other’s health.  CESS will continue to monitor the situation with Covid 19 and will put new measures in place as required to ensure the ongoing safety of the students and tutors.

Possibility of online sessions for all students – If the BC government mandates a return to quarantine conditions and an elimination of in-person learning CESS will offer each student the option of moving to online sessions. Any student who wishes to discontinue tutoring sessions in this situation may do so and will receive a full reimbursement for fees paid in advance. The two week notice for cancellation of services will be waived.