Our Story

CESS was developed by Georgia Argyle and Jodi Bergman to meet the learning and emotional needs of the students and young people in our community. We have worked with students for more than 3 decades and through these interactions have learned how to create connected learning and growing opportunities for each person.

Working with the comprehensive education programing available in Nelson, CESS strives to enhance learning opportunities for each student. Our goal is to assist students in identifying strategies that support learning and enhance academic performance using a variety of tutoring techniques tailored to each student’s individual learning needs. In our work, we hope to inspire students to become confident learners prepared to meet academic and personal challenges as they move towards success.

CESS offers personalized tutoring, small group tutoring, homeschool and online learning support, reading skills development programs, youth and family counselling services.





CESS provides top-quality tutoring, education support, and counselling services helping individuals reach their full potential.



At CESS we see an education support system that works in tandem with local schools and educators to provide the tools and techniques each student needs to reach their goals.


Who We Are

Georgia Argyle

Georgia is the founder of Thrive Tutoring Services, a comprehensive education support program for students, parents and caregivers.

Having successfully run a small tutoriong and education support program over the last ten years, I am now working with Jodi Bergman as the co-founder of Community Education and Support Services, a wrap around support program that provides for the diverse and complex needs of students, families and caregivers. For the past 21 years I have worked with children in a variety of care-giving and educational settings and through this I have come to recognize the need to expand the services and supports available in Nelson through a collaborative model. With that in mind, Jodi and I developed CESS, an ongoing project of community connection, counselling services and education support.

My personal interests and life experiences have led to years of researching individual learning styles and the importance of presenting information and resources in a manner that is appropriate to each individual. From the time I was 10 years old, watching my mother support my younger brother navigate an education system that was unable to meet his needs, I have been seeking support and resources for students who need it.

Jodi Bergman

Jodi Bergman is a counsellor, parent and learning consultant; working with individuals, families, adolescents, and school districts.

I am a member of the Neufeld Institute and have worked with Dr. Neufeld’s approach for many 
years. Living in the Kootenays with my partner, and 7 children where together we are consciously integrating our family based on the threads of connection, somatic understanding, and attachment.

As well I am currently employed with SelfDesign Learning Community which is among the largest distance/distributed learning schools and personalized learning programs in British Columbia, Canada. Self Design enables learners to complete K-12 by exploring their interests and taking the lead in their own learning and life. With personalized guidance and ongoing support, learning unfolds at home and within local and online communities. 

In accordance with Self Design’s approach to learning, I support the safety, acceptance, and inclusion of all learners in regard to ability, learning style, culture, gender identity and expression.

“At Thrive Tutoring Services and Jodi Bergman Counselling, we believe that working together anything is possible.”

Georgia Argyle & Jodi Bergman

Collaboration and Support


Suite 103 - 518 Lake St. Nelson, BC V1L 4C6