Tutoring Services

At Community Education and Support Services we understand that every student learns differently and we are dedicated to creating a fun, safe and personalized learning environment for your student. We work with each student to find the program and support that best meets their needs and allows them to reach their educational goals.

CESS provides tutoring services for:

  • Personalized tutoring to fill in the gaps and build confidence
  • Assistance with distance education programs and classes
  • School support to accommodate the evolving education programming
  • Homework, tests and project support

How Tutoring Works


Our team can’t wait to meet with you and your learner to better understand your child’s strengths, needs, learning characteristics, and goals.


Together with our professional team, we will co-create a personalized learning plan to accomplish the set goals.


With a personalized learning plan in place, we work with students to create the conditions they need to be able to learn.


At CESS we are dedicated to creating a positive learning experience ensuring that we are meeting each student’s individual needs through regular check-ins and assessments.

Our Team

Andriana Bergman

Andriana is a third-year university student working towards her degree in psychology with a specialization in adolescent and child development. Andriana has experience working one on one and with small groups. She assists students in learning course content, enhancing study skills and time management techniques. CESS holds a core value of working from connection and Andriana embodies this as she brings these qualities to her work.


Mikyla Bergman

Mikyla is a recent L.V. Rogers honor roll graduate with strong leadership and motivational abilities that strengthen her skills as a tutor.  Miklyla brings her personal understanding and experience of engagement through active learning. With an interest in outdoor education, organized sports and a focus on academic achievement, Mikyla has experience working with a variety of students to deliver a learning environment that supports knowledge development.

Georgia Argyle

Georgia is the co-owner of CESS and the past owner-operator of Thrive Tutoring Services. As a tutor Georgia works with students from grades 1 – 12 and into University programs. Georgia specializes in supporting students with diverse learning abilities and focuses her support on teaching adaptive techniques and advocacy skills while providing the extra assistance needed to complete course work. Georgia understands that each student is unique in their learning style, output capacity and interests and she works with each students to determine the best method for delivering content. 

“At Community Education and Support Services, we value connection.”

Georgia Argyle & Jodi Bergman


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