Georgia Argyle

Having successfully run a small tutoring and education support program over the last ten years, I am now working with Jodi Bergman as the co-founder of Community Education and Support Services. For the past 21 years I have worked with children in a variety of care-giving and educational settings and through this I have come to recognize the need to expand the services and supports available in Nelson through a collaborative model. With that in mind, Jodi and I developed CESS, an ongoing project of community connection, counselling services and education support.

My personal interests and life experiences have led to years of researching individual learning styles and the importance of presenting information and resources in a manner that is appropriate to each individual. From the time I was 10 years old, watching my mother support my younger brother navigate an education system that was unable to meet his needs I have been seeking support and resources for students who need it.

I enjoy working with individual students and small groups to develop educational programs and resources that suit their needs and learning styles. The individual connection allows me to help students find the personal motivation they need to achieve their goals.

I have worked with students from age 2.5 to 23 years providing developmentally appropriate learning support for each age and ability. My personal study of Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté’s work on attachment and relationship has provided the foundation to my work with children. I begin with building trust through connection, then move into goal setting and academic work which allows me to support the student without resistance or anxiety.

Education and Training

Bachelor of Professional Arts – Human Services Degree with a major in special needs education

Diploma – Early Childhood Education with a special needs education focus area

Relationship Skills Development – with Gordon Neufeld

  • Ongoing training and attendance at workshops
  • 3 multi-day intensives
  • In-house training at CESS

Compassionate Communication Training – with Marshall Rosenberg

  • 2 week-long intensives
  • Multiple 2 day intensives
  • Weekly virtual and in person training sessions for 4 years

Social Inclusion Training – with Kim John Payne

  • 7 years of training, development and implementation
  • Yearly 3 day intensives
  • Weekly meetings and program development sessions for 7 years

Literacy Links with Kathy Rollheiser

  • Reading support program developed by the Calgary Academy
  • 10 hour intensive with over 90 hours of independent study and practicum experience
  • Literacy links is a fast-paced, 3 week program to increase reading skills

My Motivation

“The best part of working with students is the learning that we do together. Our work is the connecting, laughing and learning that spans coursework and personal growth. A few years ago, I recognized that I was doing the work I was meant to do and that each day I was energized by my interactions with the students. I am thankful for the connections I am making and the opportunities it affords me.’

Georgia Argyle

(250) 608-9280

Suite 103 - 518 Lake St. Nelson, BC V1L 4C6